How Feldenkrais® Can Help You

Feldenkrais offers a range of benefits for your body and nervous system, including:     

  • Better joint mobility and muscular range of motion.     
  • Easier movement.     
  • Reduced pain and anxiety.     
  • Better balance and coordination.     
  • Deeper breathing.     
  • Less stress and tension.     
  • Improved posture.     
  • More confidence and initiative. 


 Who can benefit from Feldenkrais® 

Because it’s so gentle, anyone can practice and benefit from Feldenkrais. If you’re keen to learn something new about yourself, Feldenkrais® is for you. It is particularly beneficial if you:     

  • suffer from chronic pain,
  • are recovering from an injury or operation,
  • want to prevent injury,
  • have a nervous system disorder,
  • want to improve your posture or performance,     
  • want to be more comfortable during pregnancy,
  • are curious about movement and want to try something new.


Rupert Watson has been teaching better movement through the Feldenkrais Method since 2002. This is what one of his clients has to say:  

Feldenkrais offers a wonderful way of allowing the body to find its own “best” way of doing even the most complex movements. The exercises are often (but by no means always!) quite simple, though not necessarily easy to achieve at first. They involve an analysis of the basic and then more complex movements of the body, giving the nervous system the opportunity of experiencing these in unexpected ways. 
   After the first few sessions the effects become cumulative, and I became aware of a new freedom, the exhilaration of moving well, of losing some customary aches and pains. 
   And the nice thing is that in the hands of a good practitioner, the exercises can all be directed at the particular movements or physical pains one may experience in one’s own profession. I now have new ways of analysing and helping my own students’ movements.
   And I have never felt so comfortable in myself in my entire life.
– Wellington piano teacher Gillian Bibby