How Feldenkrais® Can Help You

Feldenkrais offers a range of benefits for your body and nervous system, including:     

  • Better joint mobility and muscular range of motion.     
  • Easier movement.     
  • Reduced pain and anxiety.     
  • Better balance and coordination.     
  • Deeper breathing.     
  • Less stress and tension.     
  • Improved posture.     
  • More confidence and initiative. 

 Who can benefit from Feldenkrais® 

Because it’s so gentle, anyone can practice and benefit from Feldenkrais. If you’re keen to learn something new about yourself, Feldenkrais® is for you. It is particularly beneficial if you:     

  • suffer from chronic pain,
  • are recovering from an injury or operation,
  • want to prevent injury,
  • have a nervous system disorder,
  • want to improve your posture or performance,     
  • want to be more comfortable during pregnancy,
  • are curious about movement and want to try something new.